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Dance Studio & Agency

InesDance Studio locates in Tallin, Estonia. InesDance Studio is the first oriental and Polynesian dance studio in Estonia, where you may study oriental dance, Hawaiian hula, Tahitian dance, Cook Island dance, hiphop-bellydance or tribal fusion.

Train your body while having fun and feeling joy! Dance re-awaken our inner selves and regain the spiritual energies of the body, mind and soul. Dance enables women to re-establish the lost link to their creativity!

InesDance Studio & Agency was created by Ines Karu in 2007 - an internationally acclaimed Oriental Dance Artist, Instructor and Choreographer, who is the first Speciality Teacher for Middle Eastern/Oriental Dance and Egyptian Folklore in Baltics. Certificated by ISOC in April 2010. Ines is also travelling around the world to give workshops and perform.