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Ines has been dancing oriental dance since 2000. Her dancing style is very feminine, energetic and emotional. She is very good at musical interpretation and emotional expression.

Ines is an internationally acclaimed Oriental Dance Artist, who is the first Speciality Teacher for Middle Eastern/Oriental Dance and Egyptian Folklore in Baltics - certificated by ISOC & Prof Dr Hassan Khalil in Cairo.

Ines is the most well-k/arwn oriental dance artist in Estonia, who has travelled to perform and teach around Europe (Latvia, Egypt, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland) and USA. She has also performed many times in television, festivals, exhibitions, weddings, restaurants, large company parties, music concerts and so on. Ines has also been hosting concerts, club events and been anchorman on television. She has participated in "Singing with the stars 2009" and "Hoia ja Keela 2004-2005" TV3, "Õllesummer 2005" Kanal 2 tv-projects in Estonia.

Ines´s dance programmes:

  • Oriental 
  • Tribal fusion
  • Hawaiian hula
  • Tahitian

Ines performance can be ordered with a live band or cd music. Dance performance lenght depends on subscriber´s wishes.

There is also possible to order a troupe performance. InesDance Agency has 11 professional dancers and 3 instructors.

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