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Tahitian Dance

Tahitian dance (Ori Tahiti) is a dance, which contrary to Hula has a accent on hips. Tahitian dances are energetic, happy and rhythmic.

Tahitian dance can also be called a drum dance, which is usually performed in groups. It can be performed alone, but the show is certainly much more efective with many dancers. Tahitian dances are performed by men and / or women.

Tahiiti aparima is profoundly a drum dance, without any words.

Pa´õ´ä dance is performed by one woman or by a couple.

Hivanau´d dance is performed in a circle with many dancers.

Tahitian dance costumes differ a lot from Hula ones. Dancers usually wear grass skirts and bras (coconut or fabric bras). Costumes are decorated with shells or flowers and head coverings.